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What is a Dealer Alliance of America?

We are the largest used car Dealer Buying Group in America, created to leverage the purchasing power of small independent dealers ("members") to obtain preferred pricing and/or terms on automobiles purchased through our contracted auto wholesale auctions. We are signing up more dealers everyday who have decided to innovate and combine the power of small dealers as an alliance. Our secret is very simple and the reward, you save time and increase profits. We have gathered a team of experts to whom we confide a clear and ambitious mandate : enable each member to benefit from the power that our buying group can offer, no matter their size, their geographical location.

Imagine for a moment that collectively small to midsize independent dealers represent forty percent of all auto auction transactions. What should our purchasing power be among auto auctions? How much could we improve our profit margins if we work together?

We are funded either by membership fees and/or administrative fees paid by auctions. At DAA, our membership fee is $499 per year. Members are free to choose which of our auto auction partners they prefer to do business with. We fully believe in the value of each and every one of our auction partners and encourage our members to use them.

Transforming Auto Auction Experience

Improving Efficiency and Profits

Lower Costs- most partner auction fees for buying and selling vehicles are reduced dramatically from non alliance member fees

Increase Profits – Being more competitive at the auctions allow you to save money and improve your bottom line profits

Spend Less Time Traveling to Different Auctions- Your time is your most valuable asset and working smart by using our partner auctions for all of your buying and selling will save you time

Collaborating for Results

Working together with other dealers and auction partners to improve profits- Small to midsize dealers represent about 40 percent of all auction transactions but individually they pay the highest fees.  When you become a member of the Dealer Alliance we work together to save everyone money

Simple Fees for buying and selling vehicles- We negotiate competitive fees with our partner auctions previously only given to the biggest dealership groups, now you can save too.

Easy to register and start saving – Registration is one simple form to complete to get you saving on every auction transaction at participating auction partners

Small to midsize dealers can compete with large corporate dealers – Large corporate dealer groups used to have a competitive advantage but not for members of the Dealer Alliance

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